Little Dragons Testing
Our Little Dragons class and curriculum is specifically aimed at 4- and 5-year olds. These students are almost always not only new to TaeKwon-Do and martial arts, but to any organized activity. Therefore, we focus on some very fundamental life skills:


  • Listening. We want your student to listen to authority, and thoughtfully execute instructions they’re given.
  • Being still. It’s not easy to stand still, to stand in line, and to wait. These are important life skills, though, and students advance only as they learn to patiently wait their turn, and do so respectfully.
  • Remembering instructions over time. Do you ever feel like you tell your young child the same thing, over and over? Every parent does; that’s why we focus on teaching lessons and helping students retain the content of those lessons, class after class, week after week.

If this doesn’t sound much like TaeKwon-Do, then you will probably love Little Dragons! That’s because we believe TaeKwon-Do is really just a means by which we teach our students about life. With our youngest students, we want to teach them to punch, and kick, and jump, and run, and to always try their best. But we also want them to listen, and become obedient and respectful. These lessons all are intertwined, and our job isn’t complete until we’ve helped your student grow into a respectful and respectable martial artist. And–believe it or not–our students love every minute of it!