Adult and Teen Classes

Adults are not kids, and kids are not adults. Add to that teenagers: once kids, but now trying to climb their way into adulthood. Students that are 18 need different life skills than students that are 9, and their bodies can handle (and function better with) a greater degree of intensity. For all of these reasons, we have separate classes for adults and teenagers than we do for our juniors.

Round kickIn our adult and teen class, we go a bit faster and a bit longer. While there is a slightly more relaxed atmosphere–sometimes you just need a little rock and roll playing in the background as you sweat and push through that ab workout–there is also a greater level of expectation. Adults in particular are not just training; they are asked to set an example for the teenager students. Our high ranking adults often are the first to offer help on a tricky technique to a new student, or to offer a hand to another adult who’s struggling.

Our core curriculum at the adult level remains the same: we teach the same kicks, the same punches, and the same combinations. The approach to sparring is the same, although it takes into account the greater physicality of larger opponents. And we add to that significant self-defense work. This isn’t self-defense for show, either; the holds and chokes and wrist locks are designed to be practical, executed on the street when an attacker comes at you, and they are practiced over and over until they become second nature.

Sound interesting? Our adult and teen class is one of the best kept secrets of the RBBA. You’ll find students in this class hanging out in the lobby, laughing as they drip sweat onto the mat, and eating out together after a big testing or tournament. It’s a fantastic community, so why don’t you start by taking a trial class today?