Everything we do at the RBBA is organized in terms of classes. We believe that the best way to train you and your students is by providing them with as much individual and personal attention as possible. Additionally, while we do group students by age, it’s often not productive to have a brand new 10-year old white belt trying to train with a 9-year old black belt. Because of this, we break students up by their age group, and then further by where they are in their training.

First, we have three main groupings of classes:

  • Little Dragons: Little Dragons are our 4- and 5-year olds. These students are just learning about TaeKwon-Do, and we focus on the basics, with an emphasis on listening and self-control. Visit out Little Dragons page to find out more about our Little Dragons program.

    Little Dragons

  • Juniors: Our Juniors program takes students from 5 and 6 years old all the way up to 12-year olds. Students advance within the juniors program from a white belt to however far they choose to take their training. For more on our Juniors program, visit our page detailing the Juniors class. You may also want to view information about our belt advancement program.

    Juniors Classes

  • Adults and Teenagers: Our adult and teen program is geared for older students and brings a longer class time and greater intensity to bear on TaeKwon-Do. Many of our teens love working out and pushing themselves alongside adults, and our adults love to work out with (and sometimes get beaten up by!) our teen students. Learn more about how this all works together by visiting our Adult and Teenagers page.

    Adults and Teen Classes

With the exception of the Little Dragons program, both juniors and adults advance through a standardized belt advancement program. Little Dragons also advance through belt ranks, but they use a different advancement program aimed at constant reinforcement and reward. In all our groupings, there’s always a short-term goal, as well as the long-term goal of a new belt, an eventual black belt, and the challenge of pursuing advanced degrees of black belt.
Mr. Powell and three second-degree Black Belts