Swords and Shields!It’s Friday night, and your kids are bored. You don’t want to set them in front of the TV again, but who can handle the $150 it will cost you to take your kids to dinner and a movie? On top of that, how about a little activity once in a while?

These are all the things that have led the RBBA to have frequent Parents’ Nights Out (or, as we often call it, PNO). Parents’ Night Out is a four-hour event, usually held on Fridays, that is suited for your students and their friends to come to the RBBA, let loose through games and activities, chow down on pizza, and give you a few hours of blissful freedom!

Our PNOs have several different themes. Sometimes we play TaeKwon-Do games like Dodge Pad; other times we’ll have a water fight or pajama party. And best of all, it’s only $40 for your student. As if that’s not enough, additional students or friends get to come for half price! Drop your three kids off and head to the harbor for a long dinner, or just hop back home and take a well-earned rest. No matter what you do with your time, it’s yours for an evening.

Interested in our next Parents’ Night Out? Just keep an eye on our home page for details and sign up information.